Colonel loan-Tiberiu COJOCARU

Was appointed as the Commander of NATO Force Integration Unit Romania on December 23rd, 2022.

He started his military career at the Military Institute for Engineer, Railway and Construction “Panait Donici” in 1992, graduating as 2nd lieutenant in 1996.

During over 25 years of activity, Colonel Ioan-Tiberiu Cojocaru, born in Râmnicu Vâlcea, Vâlcea county, has performed different tasks, both within command positions and staff officer positions, from tactical level to strategic level within Romanian Armed Forces.

After graduating the Military Institute, he was appointed as Roads Platoon Commander within 184th Bridges and Roads Battalion of the 93rd Roads and Railway Brigade “Anghel Saligny”, later being promoted in the position of Logistic Company Commander at the same brigade.

From 1999 to 2004, Colonel Cojocaru fulfilled the position of Bridges Platoon Commander and later the Bridges and Roads Company Commander within the 1st Engineer Regiment “Alexandru loan Cuza”. During this period, he was deployed for a six-month mission at Stabilization Force Headquarters in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a Bridges Construction Platoon Commander within Romanian Military Engineering Detachment.

Starting with 2005 he served as Staff Officer within Planning, Coordination and Evaluation of Education and Training Branch at Engineers, EOD and CBRN Defence Training Centre “Panait Donici” and from 2008 as Chief of Planning, Coordination and Evaluation of Education Branch at EOD Training Base.

From 2010 to 2015, he fulfilled tasks as Staff officer within the International cooperation in the military education domain bureau of Human Resources Management Directorate.

Colonel Cojocaru was admitted in 2015 at the National Defence University "Carol 1st", to attend the master's degree studies, Program "Logistic Management", after graduation being appointed as Chief of Military Engineering within Multinational Division South-East Headquarters.

Prior taking the command of NATO Force Integration Unit Romania, in 2021 he was assigned as Deputy Chief of Staff for Support in HQ MND-SE.

His military education includes, among other studies, the Advanced Officer Course for Engineers and the Staff Officer Course for Engineers, both conducted at the Engineer and Railway Training Centre “Panait Donici”.

Its professional development includes a postgraduate diploma in Competitive human resources, financial and marketing Management (2007) from the Polytechnic University of Timisoara and a postgraduate diploma in the Defence Resources Management for specialists (2015) from the Regional Department of Defence Resources Management Studies from the National Defence University "Carol 1st".

During his career, Colonel Cojocaru professional development include several internal and international courses, as follows: EOD operators Course (2006) and Course for neutralization of improvised explosive devices – (C-IED - 2010) organized at the EOD Training Center, Stability, security, transition and post-conflict Course (2014) and NATO staff officers orientation course (2018) organized at the Crisis Management and Multinational Operations Regional Department, English language course for staff officers held at the main center of English learning (Sibiu) (2007), Combat Readiness Evaluation Course (CREVAL - 2017) and Environmental Management for Military Forces Course (2018) at NATO Oberammergau School.

COL Cojocaru was rewarded with the Honour Emblem of Land Forces, the Honour Emblem of Defence Staff, the Honour Emblem of Human Resources, and the Honorary Sign “In the Service of the Country” for 15, 20 and 25 years of military service and commitment.

COL Cojocaru is married to Mariana and they have a 21-years-old son, Alexandru-Gabriel and a 16-years-old daughter, Ioana-Amalia.