Deputy Commander

Commander (Navy) Jaime BARON

In 1989 Commander (Navy) Jaime Baron graduated from Spanish Naval Academy after 5 years of military education. He is a native of Madrid (Spain).

A Surface Warfare Officer, he commanded the Minesweeper “Sil” and he was embarked for 14 years on many surface ships such as Destroyers, Fast Patrol Boats, Corvettes, Minehunters, Carriers, Amphibious and Intelligence ships. On board ships he mainly worked as Executive Officer, Chief of Operations and Chief of CIS.

On completion of the General Staff Officer Course in 2003, he was appointed as the Principal Staff Officer of the Spanish Mine Counter Measure Force for two years.

From 2015 to 2017 he was the Head of the Evaluation and Certification Centre in Cartagena (EVACART) in charge of certifying ships and submarines before they can be deployed in operations.

Ashore, he has served for 8 years in the Maritime Action Force in Cartagena: 3 years as the Chief of Plans and Policy (N5), 2 years as the Chief of CIS (N6) and also in charge of the Integrated Center for Peripheral Management of Cartagena (CIGACART), responsible for ensuring the CIS systems of the Naval Commands and Authorities in the eastern part of Spain, and 3 years as the chief of Resources (N1, N4 and N8).

From 2005 to 2008 he served in the NATO Communication and Service Agency (NCSA) headquarters at Mons (Belgium), within Plans, Policy and Programmes Division. Upon returning to Spain he served as the Head of the INFOSEC Section in NCSA Sector Madrid until 2010.

In 2010 he served at the Spanish-North American Committee as a naval expert.

In 2013 he worked in Maritime Component Command (MCC) of United States Naval Forces Central Command / Combined Maritime Forces (USNAVCENT / CMF) in Bahrain.

In 2018 he worked in the Operational HQ for Operation SOPHIA in Rome (Italy).

Starting with January 2021, he was appointed DCOM of the NATO Force Integration Unit, Romania.

He holds various decorations and awards, including the Plaque and Cross from the Royal Military Order of St. Hermenegildo, four Navy Meritorious Service Crosses, a Common Security and Defense Policy Service Medal for Operation SOPHIA, a Certificate of Commendation by the Director of NCSA, and a Plain Honorable Mention.

Apart from being a native in Spanish, he has a professional level in English language and a functional level in French and Italian.